the fresh sparkling wine is made out of a vineyard that is more than 40 years old. The vineyard is faced north-west which means moderate to warm evenings but very long cold mornings too. Not only because of the steep slopes but far more because the quality lies at my heart, I harvest this vineyard by hand. After being picked in the cool of the morning, the grapes are gently pressed and a few days later the natural fermentation begins. Later on, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle: yeast produces alcohol and CO2. In that way every bubble you see in your glass of palmstone_ is coming from the nature – without any trace of chemistry. Green apple, quince and pear characterize palmstone_. Besides a brilliant acidity in the mouth, notes of orange blossom and refreshing citrus can be felt. You want to know the grape variety ? Because of the unique character we just call it palmstone_ (980 bottles)

the beautiful bdx.blend_ is made out of several vineyards. Those vines are selected by the Winemaker himself have a small crop and excellent fruit quality. But not only the clay and sandy soils are giving the perfect balance between fruit and tannins. This wine is fermented in a very special way, its called “Carbonic maceration”. The grapes, for sure picked by hand, will be dropped very gently into bins. Later on the wild yeasts in the grapes start to ferment the natural sugar in the whole berries, that means the skins are not swimming in juice. Every berry is fermenting by her own. Once this is finished, clusters are taken out of the bins and the wine will be squeezed out of the grapes by hand into new french oak barrels. Yeah, those grapes are pressed by hand. After more than one year without any sulfur m.p_ was bottled in December '19. Tannins and mouthfeel are so gentle, if you are closing your eyes the berries are almost dancing a waltz in your mouth. (400 bottles)

this beautiful Pinot Noir is born in California. Because of my love for Pinot Noir I absolutely had to make a pinot from a very special region. Sonoma Valley, cool climate, fog and cool nights is what you need to make Pinot. Oh yeah and old vines. And crazy ideas. So Schug Carneros Estate gave me the opportunity to create this unique wine. This Pinot will be available in Jan. 2021. Only 60 cases are available @freiheitvinothek.