about me_

my name is Domenic Amat, born October 1996 in Michigan (US), raised near Ingelheim am Rhein (Germany). Already as a child I was fascinated by viticulture as to my mother’s family belongs a winery. Four years ago, I decided to get involved into the wine business myself. After working for two years in the well-known VDP wineries in Germany and having gathered some experiences abroad (California), I started my own business with a company called amatwine. Additionally, I study international wine business at the University of Geisenheim. amatwine is well connected to the environment. It is important for me that the process is kept simple and natural. Everything I do is thoughtthrough and made by hand. At first there were only 350 cases produced.

the process_
I combine traditional techniques and knowledge with new trends and sometimes even crazy ideas. It is hard manual work and long time spent in the vineyard paired with passion and fresh mind. All that flows into the small barrels and as a result I can present you with a very personal wine.

the production_

the amatwine production is located in the North of Rheinhessen. There are several valleys with specifics microclimate that are perfect to develop a complex and balanced fruit aroma. Currently amatwine is made on my grandparents’ facilities that is in the process of expansion. A warehouse winery built out of containers surrounded with beautiful nature and vineyards will provide an amazing experience for visitors and customers in the future.

D o m e n i c . A m a t